Kumantong Mangkaang Taan Kao'ONG KROO"Phra-Aj.SupphaSit Wat Bang Naamcon kumanthong for sale

:::Name: Kuman Mangkaang Taan Kao (ONG KROO) Phra-Aj.SupphaSit Wat Bang Naamcon Bangok,Thailand. Model Name: Power Magic Kuman Mangkaang Taan Kao (ONG KROO VERSION) BLESSED BY: Aj.SupphaSit Wat Baang NaamChon, Condition : Excellent Lucky,Money,Trader and Gambling :LIMITED EDITION: Approximate Size: 9.0 Inch High. 100% Guaranteed your satisfied. Material: Mixed Magic Materials Life protections,Danger obstacles cease, Gain Benefits, Working smooth, Bring prosper to business, Wished be fulfilled, Wealth, Bring Good luck. Features Detail: ::Kuman Thong is a Ghost of Baby Boy who was bind by Magic to be Servant Son of the owner. When you have Kuman Thong in your possession .You will be magically success in anything you wish. By the power of Kuman Thong will help increasing your Prosperity.
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